Bloom is a experimental animated documentary which questions the nature of human sexual desire.

In the 19th century, Oscar Wilde said;

Everything in life is about sex, except sex, sex is about power.

The truth of this statement cannot be known, but it raises issues about the nature of sexual desire which are still relevant today. Two hundred years later, a much more fluid understanding of sexuality and gender is emerging. However, traces of old power dynamics from previous generations still exist and socially construct our sexuality. Preconceived ideas of what sexuality ‘should’, or ‘shouldn’t be’, or what is ‘natural’ still lead to discrimination, repression and unhappiness for many people.  Bloom is an animated documentary about what desire means to people today; celebrating sexual diversity through a myriad of perspectives to consider what desire is, was, and could be.

This film will be produced during a research fellowship with the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at California State University Los Angeles, and will be completed in September 2017.

Concept Art