The story of a day in the city spent reminiscing the south of France, this film is an abstract exploration which evokes the feeling and essence of the Les Beiges range by Chanel. 

An ensemble of cotton flowers expand outward and sway gently from side to side like dancers choreographed by Busby Berkley. Placed on a light box, the image has a slight haze. The light from behind the flowers becomes over-exposed then reveals a selection of circular, half-moon and square-shaped cut crystal ornaments on a beige background. Their shapes are modern and clean. Sunlight is refracted through the ornaments as they rotate in a circle as if dancing a slow waltz. The dance gets faster as lens flares pick out the shine on the glass and the rest of the image blurs as it turns into the light sparkling of fine irridescent sand. A half-moon-shaped brush sweeps across the frame revealing a line of fanned palm tree leaves; like a line of dancers. As the camera travels down the line they move to the side with a circular motion showing the next in the sequence of palm leaves. At the end of the line the last palm tree departs to reveal a double exposed image of the sun and the moon; overlaid slightly to represent the interlocking Cs of Coco Chanel. The interlocking Cs are outlined inside the sun and the moon, and as the background image fades away Les Beiges is animated below. 

A film by Sarah Beeby
Sound by Peter Duffy